Haematology and Oncology Study Day

Thank you to all the trainees who attended the CGH study day. Here are the SAQ’s I promised for practice. Any errors are probably my own but worth loking at the structure. Often you don’t have to know the answer to the first question to complete the rest and sometimes the answer to the first few questions is given later on so make sure you read it carefully!

SAQ answers

SAQ questions

We had some excellent speakers this morning with Dr Oliver Miles talking about thrombosis and reversal of anticoagulants and Dr Rebecca Frewin talking about Neutropaenic sepsis. Below are some links to their slides so you can refresh your memory.

Dr Oliver Miles – Management of Emergencies in Haemostasis and Thrombosis

Dr Rebecca Frewin – Management of Neutropenic Sepsis

Key points to remember:

  • The Superficial Femoral vein is part of the Deep venous system
  • If you suspect neutropaenia and sepsis – treat early! Don’t wait for the FBC.
  • Younger chemotherapy patient may present late and are more likely to die!
  • Clotting studies might be useful in NOAC overdose but what assay does your lab use?
  • Neutropaenic patient + pleuritic chest pain – think fungus!
  • Neutropaenic patient with nasty sinus pain and a black spot on their nose/hard palatte – think mucor – call for help
  • And many more….




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