CBRN Equipment (HAP 20)

CBRN Incidents– Rebecca Maxwell and C/N Duncan

Our very own Tim Slade in his suit........
Our very own Tim Slade in his suit……..

Notes from a talk covering the use of hospital CBRN equipment. Key notes by Tim Slade  and pictures by Helen Stigaard Laird

The main message was that in most cases decontamination will be dealt with by the ambulance service prior to transportation to hospital.

Hospital decontamination is used for walk in patients. Most cases can be dealt with using self-dry decontamination kits


Contamination is reduced by 80% just by removing their clothes.

If grossly contaminated or a stick material, wet decontamination may be needed. This needs staff to put on decontamination suits and work in a buddy system to clean patients in the decontamination tent.

We learned how to apply the suits and pitch the tent.

How many Registrars does it take to put up a tent??
Some time later…
The tent has a connection to warm water for wet decontamination.
For those immobilised or non ambulatory patients there is a board and sliding mechanism to allow decontamination…….

Do your registrars know how to put up the tent? Great exercise for a regional training day!


Major Incidents (HAP 20)
Major Incidents (HAP 20)

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