Critical Appraisal

The best way attack the critical appraisal exam is Practice, Practice, Practice. I found doing a couple of timed papers per week  and discussing them in a group/journal club setting to be invaluable in the run up to the exam. Twitter journal clubs often appear during exam time and are worth looking out for.

The following resources are useful at consolidating what you already know:

Simon Carley (@EMManchester)has put together tips on St Emylns which includes links to two podcasts on statistics:

The Critical Appraisal FCEM exam

Other useful resources from Simon and his St Emylns team;

FCEM prep (@djtamuli) has put together a fantastic website for help with all aspects of FCEM preparation. Check out the critical appraisal section of the website.

EM:rev App –  an app designed Shweta Gidwani (@Global_EM) providing clear definitions and applications of critical appraisal terminology, classified into sections for Therapeutic, diagnostic and Meta Analysis.

Hope you find the links useful, good luck!


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