Paediatric Acute Presentations


Paediatrics in the Main EM Curriculum 2010

(Not Paediatrics subspeciality curriculum)

PAP1 Abdominal pain
PAP2 Accidental poisoning, poisoning and self-harm
PAP3 Acute life-threatening event (ALTE)
PAP4 Blood disorders
PAP5 Breathing difficulties
PAP6 Concerning presentations
PAP7 Dehydration secondary to diarrhoea and vomiting
PAP9 Fever in all age groups
PAP10 Floppy child
PAP11 Gastro-intestinal bleeding
PAP12 Headache
PAP13 Neonatal presentations
PAP14 Ophthalmology
PAP15 Pain in children
PAP16 Painful limbs – atraumatic
PAP17 Painful limbs- traumatic
PAP18 Rashes in children
PAP19 Sore throat


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