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In 2010 a new College of Emergency Medicine Higher Speciality Trainee Curriculum was published. In 2012 this was updated.

There are a number of  Major (HMP) and Acute (HAP) presentations where the college requires you to provide evidence of your development. Added to this are the core clinical skills and anatomy recommendations.

As well as an adult curriculum there is also a paediatrics curriculum with its own Major (PMP) and Acute (PAP) links.

This section of the website will attempt to tie in the Severn Deanery training days to relevant areas of the curriculum and provide both an FCEM revision tool and an aide mémoire.  This should allow you to not only identify areas of the curriculum requiring further work but also a portal into useful FOAMed resources.

It is worth mentioning that these external links exist outside of our direct control and although we will try to only link to reputable sources, as with all information presented to you it is important to critically appraise the source and the content.

If you find better FOAMed resources or links broken or outdated then please let me know.




CEM Curriculum for Higher Speciality Training ST4-6 


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