Be Prepared! Environmental Emergencies

Escanaba-Dorchester rescue from Wikimedia Commons

This month we have some great notes from Tim Slade from the Bristol Royal Infirmary Training day.  Thanks to Becky Maxwell for editing and linking. This had a focus on Environmental Emergencies (HAP 11) with a little Major Incident Planning (HAP 20) thrown in.

Just like a good Scout these are the topics where it pays to ‘Be Prepared’. If you are looking to revise the management of heat related injuries (maybe before a trip to the southern hemisphere…) or just brushing up on your cold and drowning related presentations ahead of the British winter then these pages should be of use. Added to this are some important pearls on diving medicine and altitude medicine with links to further resources.

There are also some great pictures by Helen Laird and top tips from the CBRN training session. Just incase you need to start the decontamination process. I’m still waiting for a suit big enough to fit the vertically challenging amongst us….

As usual these are tied into the CEM HST syllabus

Comments and suggestions welcome.



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